St. Lucia Helicopter Transfers

Thrilling St. Lucia Helicopter Tours and Helicopter Transfers to Many Major Resorts- Sandals, Anse Chastanet, Jade Mountain, and Many More.

If you are looking to start your vacation in St. Lucia in a way that is anything but ordinary, why not think about St. Lucia helicopter tours? We service many of the island’s most popular resorts, and we can make your transfer experience one that you will love telling your friends and family about.

Soar high above the island with St. Lucia Helicopters and you can rest assured that even while you are enjoying the most exciting transit, your safety and comfort are always priority #1. Flights in our St. Lucia helicopter shuttle are only conducted during daylight hours, however, so if your flight is delayed until after 5 PM, we will send one of our friendly local taxi drivers to pick you up.

Of course, St. Lucia Helicopters offers more than helicopter transfers. We also offer amazing St. Lucia helicopter tours! If you want to see the beauty of the island in a way that few people get the opportunity to experience, book a trip to see it from the sky. As the expanse of the island takes shape beneath you, you really get an idea of how majestic a place St. Lucia really is.

Pricing for St. Lucia Helicopters will depend on the size of your group. Due to fuel and maintenance costs, we highly recommend a group of at least four passengers. This helps keep the cost per person low. We do provide flights in the order that they are booked, so large groups and those booking at the last minute may experience a longer wait time.

Here in St. Lucia we may have warm weather, but you will find that the people are even warmer. The St. Lucia Helicopters team is looking forward to seeing you! We will be happy to answer any questions about our service, and to help you learn more about our helicopter transfers in St. Lucia, we have provided the FAQ below.

What Safety Concerns Should I Be Aware Of When Booking St. Lucia Helicopter Rides?

When you book one of our St. Lucia helicopter tours or transfers, you can rest assured that safety is always our top priority. We do everything necessary to keep you safe, including ensuring that all of our helicopters are regularly serviced and maintained.  It is still advisable, however, that you read up on helicopter safety and how you as a passenger can help keep yourself safe.

​What Happens if My Flight is Prevented by Inclement Weather? Will There Be a Refund of My Transfer or Tour?

  • Here in St. Lucia we are lucky that the weather is usually perfect for flying. That means that groundings due to weather rarely happen. If in the event that weather does ground your flight, however, we will have decided in advance and will be able to have ground transportation waiting when you arrive. If your ride is canceled by St. Lucia Helicopters, we will provide you with a refund.

What Happens if There are Mechanical Problems that Prevent My Flight?

  • St. Lucia Helicopters has more than 15 years in the business. As such, we have a significant fleet of helicopters. We schedule our helicopter rides in St. Lucia in such a way that allows us to make up for delays as well as to make last minute changes. With that said, our performance record is nearly perfect.

​If I Get Airsick on Planes, Will I Be Able to Take a St. Lucia Helicopter Tour?

  • While there are airsickness bags aboard our helicopters, it is quite unlikely that you will become ill during your St. Lucia helicopter transfer or tour. The spinning of a helicopter’s blades is quite different than the way a plane flies and provides a much smoother travel experience. This smooth ride is actually why helicopters are preferred over planes for aerial photography and filming.

When Airplanes Lose Power, They Simply Glide to the Ground. What About Helicopters- Wouldn’t They Just Fall Like a Rock? Am I Really Safe?

  • You are incredibly safe in a helicopter, and it absolutely won’t fall straight out of the sky in the event of a power loss. A great analogy for what would happen in this incredibly rare event is a winged seed. When these seeds fall from a tree, they rotate, which is what would happen to a helicopter. All helicopter pilots must regularly train in this form of autorotation in order to ensure passenger safety if this unlikely event were to occur.  Believe it or not, in the event of a power loss, helicopters are actually much safer than airplanes.

How Do I Know that Your Pilots Are Experienced and that Your Helicopters Are Properly Maintained If You Do Not Have an F AA?

  • Here in the eastern Caribbean, we have what is known as the Directorate of Civil Aviation. Headquartered in Antigua, the DCA is supported by the Civil Aviation Authority in Britain. All of our team and crew members hold full DCA qualifications, which are also recognized by the CAA. We have flown under both FAA and Canadian systems, and we can unequivocally say that the DCA and CAA have more stringent and demanding aviation standards.

Does It Really Cost As Much As They Say to Operate a Helicopter?

  • Yes, it takes a very large amount of fuel to operate a helicopter, not to mention the cost of maintenance. This is why we recommend larger groups for our St. Lucia helicopter rides, as it helps to lower costs per passenger.

If Helicopters Are Really Safer Than Planes, Why Do I Hear Of More Helicopter Crashes Than Plane Crashes?

  • The answer to this question is twofold.  First, helicopters are more likely to have VIPs and celebrities on board, increasing media coverage of the story. Second, helicopters are used much more often than planes for dangerous tasks such as providing bad weather rescues providing lift work in mountains and remote areas, and operating near electric lines and towers. These tasks are well beyond what a plane would be capable of and are dangerous even when performed by helicopters. With that said, you are statistically much safer in one of our St. Lucia helicopters than you are in a plane or even in your car!

I Want to Take a St. Lucia Helicopter Tour or Transfer.  What Medical Issues Should I Be Aware Of?

  • First and foremost, you should speak with a physician before taking a St. Lucia helicopter taxi or tour if you are in the late stages of pregnancy. You should also avoid helicopter flight if, within the last 24 hours, you have gone SCUBA diving.

Does Your Company Offer St. Lucia Tours, Airport Shuttles, or Taxis?

  • Absolutely!  In fact, not only do we provide St. Lucia helicopter transfers and tours, but we are also the owner of Real St. Lucia Tours as well as the island’s leading provider of St. Lucia ground transportation!
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